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Communications Counsel

Thought Leadership – preparation and moderation of discovery interviews, advice on thought platforms to be applied internally and externally

Communications Coaching – making sure that who you are as a leader truly comes across in the way you communicate, keeping your uniqueness

Content Development – creation and/or review of messaging that resonates with defined audiences and offers a perspective of added value to the world

Campaign Creation – support with ideation and definition of campaign foundations. ROK also assists with campaign pivoting and closing/sun-setting

English Teaching

Business English – removing the troublesome hurdles that may impact your career progression, so that you can realize your full potential

Conversational English – helping people thrive in a world that uses English as a “neutral” language

Preparation for Exams – the partner of choice when studying and practicing for these important milestones

Support with Official Paperwork – yes, AI tools are great resources in the context of a “first draft approach”, but what if that letter or email message hold the promise of being life/career changing? Always remember that subtlety and finesse are uniquely human. 

Photo by Monica Melton